Brand refresh – ODS

Emotional branding help ODS redefine its brand

Emotional branding were commissioned to refresh Oxford Direct Services. To create a big idea and develop the visual language including a new identity to run across a new website, stationery, signage, annual report and vehicles.

The big idea was around the idea of 'doing good'. A business that was 100% invested in doing good for customers, employees, suppliers, the community and the environment.

A brand video was developed as part of the brand launch.


Improve brand recall. Try these 7 things

Here are seven things worth considering

  1. Emotions ARE effective
  2. People buy because they feel like it, so make them feel something
  3. Consider all of the senses… even online
  4. Weave your brand into a narrative
  5. Use your brand history to create new memories
  6. If you’re a new, challenger brand – borrow brand nostalgia
  7. If something doesn’t repeat, it’s probably not important