FEAR is the top emotion for middle aged men

Look deeper into most advertising and you’ll find very sophisticated emotional branding going on.

In marketing terms we often describe products as either being aspirins or vitamins. That is to say they respond to a problem or create a better future. Solving a problems, the aspirin, is always the easiest sell and this video illustrates why fear is often top of most middle aged men’s concerns.  Fear of getting old, fear they haven’t done enough, fear of death. Often called the midlife crisis fear is a real driver for middle aged men but should organisations play on this and by doing so are they making it worse? Anxiety, stress, fear are normal parts of our life, we need them to get on and do things. When they become too much though they can become harmful. Does advertising play too big a role in driving stress in us? The answer is yes. So organisations need to understand their role and find better ‘vitamins’ to sell.


In this three-minute marketing lesson video, emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell shows how great beer commercials build confidence using both positive branding and negative branding. See how the best brands covertly stroke male egos and build lifelong customer loyalty.
How do the best brands do it? They use emotional branding masterfully to make us fall in love with their brand. When it comes to positioning a brand, beer commercials, alcohol advertising, and alcohol advertisements are the best around.

Alcohol Advertising Done Right
Have you ever noticed how alcohol advertising makes you feel? When it comes to positioning a brand, alcohol advertisements are second to none. A creative copy writer can use emotional branding in alcohol advertising and make us feel things that normally totally wouldn’t be associated with beer and alcohol brands. We have poured over sales copy writing for alcohol advertising and found that emotional branding is always at the core of what they’re doing when they are using alcohol advertisements and beer commercials in positioning a brand. The best alcohol advertising gets behind the customer and says “I’m like you, we share the same values.” This emotional branding approach is what makes beer commercials so great.

Beer Commercials and Men
It’s no secret that most beer commercials rely on positioning a brand to sell to men. The best beer commercials and alcohol advertisements tend to lean heavily on the testosterone meter. This is because the beer commercials are using emotional branding when positioning a brand to align with what men already feel, or want to feel, about themselves. They find out exactly what men are feeling, and they use sales copy writing when positioning a brand using emotional branding to make great, compelling beer commercials that really sell product.

The Best Alcohol Advertisements
If you look at the best alcohol advertisements, you may notice that a lot of the promo writing revolves around marriages and relationships. There is a reason for this. Alcohol advertisements are largely positioning a brand using emotional branding to appeal to men, and they have figured out how to write advertising copy that appeals to men. Men don’t want to be controlled, so the best alcohol advertisements fulfil that desire for them in their promo video. Alcohol advertisements don’t put the carriage before the horse, they know that their product isn’t important. It’s the customer and his feelings and emotions that are vital for positioning a brand for success using emotional branding.

Positioning a Brand for Men
Beer commercials are mostly targeted for male audiences, and they are constantly positioning a brand to succeed with that demographic. Notice that when I’m talking about positioning a brand, I don’t care about what the product is, but rather who the customer is. The best alcohol advertisements and beer commercials get this. Beer and alcohol is just a thing, what is really important in positioning a brand with emotional marketing is to hone in on the feelings and emotions of the customer. This is the best way to truly make great alcohol advertisements and beer commercials using emotional marketing.

How Emotional Branding Fits In
Emotional branding is a vital part of positioning a brand in any case. Alcohol advertising is so good because it realizes that the product isn’t important; the customer is what is important. The best emotional branding happens when the product is in a very saturated market, like beer commercials and alcohol advertisements. There is really very little difference between all the various brands of beer and alcohol, so when positioning a brand in alcohol advertising, they really dig deep and find out what it is that the customer wants to feel about himself.

So to recap:
Alcohol advertising is great at tapping into the feelings and emotions that its customers feel. Great sales copy writers use emotional branding in positioning a brand to truly align with what their customers want, not what their product offers.
Beer commercials are primarily targeted towards men, and alcohol advertising knows this fact very well. They target their beer commercials and alcohol advertisements with this in mind to make great emotional branding advertisements.

Positioning a brand using emotional branding is a fantastic way to go about beer commercials and alcohol advertising because of how heavy competition is in the alcohol sector.

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