NATS Employee branding – Telling a more elevated story

Winning hearts and minds. Emotional Branding were asked to develop an internal brand narrative that would inspire and align employees around the future direction of NATS commercial strategy. NATS is the UK’s air traffic control organisation.

The narrative was based on the idea that the future belongs to pioneers.

“We can be passengers. Or we can be pilots. We can be followers. Or we can be pioneers in shaping the way we manage air traffic and lead our industry on a generational leap into the future.”

This narrative needed to stir people emotionally as well as outline the journey ahead.

“Right here, right now, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take the lead, to be the pioneers who find answers to these questions, to set and lead the agenda for global, industry-wide change, and to secure the brightest possible future for all of us, for our industry and for our customers.”


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