Richard Gillingwater

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MD of Emotional Branding

Key roles: Brand Strategist, Creative Director, Fundraiser, Creative Thinking Coach and Facilitator

Richard Gillingwater helps organisations around the world to communicate who they are and find more creative, authentic and targeted ways to express and communicate their story. He's had a huge impact on the success and profitability of numerous organisations by helping them to tell a clear, distinct, powerful and (most importantly) more emotive story – one that touches and inspires people's imagination.

By understanding the psychological drivers behind our motivations, how people think and why they make the decisions they do (why they choose to buy, give money, work for or invest in one brand over another) Richard helps organisations to find their distinctiveness. His work is based on the science of engagement. This means he uses design not as decoration but as a strategic tool. Using key emotional triggers and visual mnemonics to engage at a deep psychological level – communicating both tangible and intangible benefits.

For Richard it’s all about emotions - about building brands that mean something, that connect with people, that stand out, that inspire and that make people feel something special. For Richard, brands that evoke emotions don’t just feel better, they perform better.

As well as working in the world of branding, Richard lectures in branding, runs creative thinking courses, facilitates team events and away days, he has spoken at conferences all over Europe, written various articles for different publications and was a consultant on ‘Distinct in Higher Education’, a government funded project to understand what makes a university distinct. He likes to explore the relationship between mind, emotions and body – running many programmes and workshops using role play, improv, active listening, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness to help people let go of what holds them back and help clients tune into their emotions to better connect and communicate with others.

Richard speaking at the ICARE conference in Porto