Wageningen University – Wisdom & Wonder

We were asked to develop a narrative and big idea that united: brand, anniversary and fundraising campaigns.

We started by running a workshop with their senior communications team and by asking one simple question – what’s in the box? – what’s inside Wageningen university when you lift the lid and learn about the university? To this idea we asked two more simple questions:

  1. If we wrote an imaginative book that captured the spirit of Wageningen, what would be the headline of this book?
  2. What then would be the engaging narrative that sat within the book?

The title that came out of the workshop was – Wisdom & Wonder

  • Wisdom – Applying knowledge thoughtfully,
    with the future in mind.
  • Wonder – Imagining amazing possibilities, with an
    open curious mind willing to explore.

and the chapters of the book were:

  • Belief in the Wisdom of Nature
  • Wisdom of Time
  • Wisdom of the Hive
  • Unlocking the Wonder of Tomorrow
  • Exploring Possibilities

The idea, narrative was then approved internally and applied to their 100th anniversary campaign.

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