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RADNB™ – the most powerful brand mapping tool ever

Tell your brand's story through powerful archetypes

From acquisition to retention - how your brand speaks and what it says decides if your brand stands out and is believable. RADNB shows where you're positioned against the competition. Where there's disconnect between what you say and how customers perceive you and where to go to stand out. 

RADNB™ - Your brand's strategy on a map

This model creates a unique map that shows your brand's position relative to the needs of your customers and your competition.

RADNB™ build's your brand's strategy layer by layer - mapping out where you are and where you could be. This map shows where the opportunities are, and it shows where the market is crowded. Then, and only then, do we start to creatively develop your visual language, the big ideas and communication channels that bring your brand to life. 

At the heart of this model is defining your brand's personality

All successful brands have identifiable personalities which help people make that personal Human-2-Human connection. These archetypes powerfully reflect the aspirations and hopes of your audience and express this through a story and a visual language. 

Bring your brand to life and find your unique position on the map

RADNB works at 5 levels. It uses an organisation's visual language to map out 60 brand archetypes around 6 core human needs. Within this, we can map your brand and those of your competitors. You can see where the disconnects are between perceptions and reality, and where the opportunities exist to strengthen your brand.

Our unique model RADNB™ helps make the process of designing a brand a lot easier

Too much time and money is wasted creating brands through the design process. We believe in measuring twice and cutting once. With our model we can map out the entire marketplace in which you operate and pin point exactly where you are. Show you where the competitors are, where the customers are, and where the opportunities are.

We can show you quickly how your brand can look and how you can reposition yourself without going through an expensive design process.

Too often brands are developed through design, not strategy

Let us show you how the model works. How we can help you create a more powerful brand. One that's more authentic. One that leverages the power of emotions for business success. So that you can have more effective sales conversations with your clients.

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