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Bespoke workshops to help your team communicate with more creativity and emotion

Creativity Workshops

For marketing and communication teams we offer a range of workshops that help people deliver more emotionally engaging and creative ideas, content and designs.

We have spent over 20 years working with marketing and design teams, helping them improve their creative communication.

Whether you require creative campaigns, or writing more effective communication, it all comes from a better understanding of how our  emotions drive our behaviours, and to do that you need to feel it to communicate it.

You can't write a great love song, if you don't feel love!

It's our emotions that ultimately influence both our thoughts and behaviours. The quality of our thoughts is directly related to the quality of our feelings. As creatives and communicators, we need to connect with our body and emotions to master the mind.

We provide a range of talks and training workshops for small or big teams on creativity and communication skills, covering:

  • Finding Your Creative Spark - accessing states of flow
  • The Art and Science of Storytelling - why stories are powerful
  • Influencing Consumer Behaviours - emotional triggers and cognitive biases 
  • The Power of Emotions - to change our thinking and behaviours
  • Emotional Branding - connecting with the needs and aspirations of customers 
  • The Power of Archetypes - how consumer personas and brand personality drives connection and differentiation. 


Communication Workshop

Communication Workshop

Communication workshop for marketers looking to create more creative and emotionally engaging copy.

Creativity Workshop

Creativity Workshop

Free your mind from the moment-to-moment conscious thinking and allow the wisdom within the unconscious mind to reveal itself.

"Richard is one of life's original thinkers. Every creative brief I have sent Rich's way has delivered something new and unexpected. I've had the pleasure to work with Rich under four higher education brands and he has a special talent for very quickly being able to understand an organisation, pinpoint its USP and dial up the emotion in the branding - always translating into campaigns that stand out and connect. Highly recommended if you want the right amount of challenge, new thinking and determination."

David Penney, Higher Education Brand and Student Recruitment Specialist

Richard Gillingwater - Brand Consultant and Founder

Richard’s passion, challenging mind and insights have helped companies around the world to communicate who they are and build their brand. He has impacted on the success and profitability of numerous organisations by helping them to tell a clear, distinct, powerful and (most importantly) more emotive story.

Richard provides a rare combination of a strategic thinker with creative flair, someone who is able to inspire people to think differently. His work is based on the science and art of engagement – understanding how we think and why we make the decisions we do. This means he uses design not as decoration but as a strategic tool. Using key emotional triggers and visual mnemonics, he looks to engage at a deeper psychological level – communicating both tangible and intangible benefits.

Richard has been the brand consultant for the Post Office, Friends Provident, Oxford University Press, Oxford Brookes University, Radley College, Nottingham Trent University, Tribal plc and many other B2B and B2C businesses. He's helped them connect to their stakeholders, Human-2-Human, by helping them not only define their master brand, but sub-brands and an array of marketing and employee engagement campaigns. He is an experienced facilitator, has lectured in branding and design, and has been a regular speaker across Europe talking about both branding and what fuels a creative mind.



"Rich is an absolute pleasure to work with, I can't recommend him highly enough! The energy and open minded thinking he brings to projects makes them exciting and rewarding to work on. I've worked with Rich on a couple of absolutely brilliant rebrands of tech companies in different sectors. The sector never matters, Rich gets to the heart of what the organisation is all about, and helps translate that into a meaningful brand that the organisation can identify with, own and grow."

Jocelyne Bath, Chief Operating Officer OXGENE

"I have worked with Richard on many occasions and I can still remember vividly his first pitch. He was full of energy and was able to identify and solve the problem far better than any of his competitors. He has a unique ability to take in lots of information and distill it into a succinct and appealing brand proposition. He is skilled at influencing stakeholders and to enable them to think more creatively. I would wholeheartedly recommend Richard for your next creative project."

Penny Eccles, Higher Education Strategic Marketing & Student Recruitment Consultant | ex-Director of Marketing at Nottingham Trent University

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