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Discover the power of your unconscious mind

Creativity Workshop

Free your mind from the moment-to-moment conscious thinking and allow the wisdom within the unconscious mind to reveal itself.

We need to tap into our unconscious mind, nuture it and encourage it to find connections, even when we're not consciously thinking creatively.


This workshop is specifically designed for brand and communication marketers who want to tap into the power of the unconscious mind - not just their own but that of their customers.

The course agenda is flexible and can be adapted to include your market specific, budgets or time allocation, but in summary it covers the following aspects:

  • Tapping into and nuturing the wisdom (processing power) of the unconcious mind
  • Understanding the mind-body connection 
  • What is flow and how can it be achieved?
  • The role of improvisation in creativity and the different insights Method acting and Classic acting can give us.
  • The tools for effective communication.

This workshop brings in learning from breathwork, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, along with the science behind emotional triggers and human biases that impact our everyday decission making.

"When I'm thinking, I can't tell you in words what I'm thinking, it's purely a muscular feeling"


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