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You can't write a love song, if you don't feel love!

Communication Workshop

Communication workshop for marketers looking to create more creative and emotionally engaging copy.

As brand and marketing communicators you want your customers to feel different in themselves and about your products and services. 

This workshop is designed for marketing communication teams to develop more engaging and creative copy and content. 

Unlike any other course

We approach training in a very unique and somatic way, in that it's more body than mind-centric. A brand is an emotional connection you have with people. So, as a communicator, if you don't feel what you want others to feel, then you'll never write copy that expresses that feeling. As we say 'you can't write a love song, if you don't feel love!'. 

We explore the idea that creativity is an energy in the body, a feeling that needs to come out and be expressed. As brand and marketing communicators, you want your customers to feel different in themselves and about your products and services. This course looks into the neuroscience of emotions and how, through words and ideas, we can get people to feel more. The word emotion means the energy to move. Emotions used to be seen as demons that possessed the body and drove us to do things beyond our control. In today's brand and marketing world, we understand more than ever the role emotions play in driving behaviour.

The course agenda is flexible and can be adapted to include your market specifics, budget or time allocation, but in summary it covers the following aspects:

  • For marketers to understand fully the impact of how their feelings directly impact the quality of their writing and creative ideas.
  • How feelings exist in the body, not as mental concepts, so we explore a range of tools to become more aware of what feelings and thoughts exist in our body.
  • Explore the idea of 'body memory' and how, even though we feel happy in our head, our body can be tense and limit our ability to be creative.
  • How to elevate and change your emotions.
  • How method and classic acting techniques can be adopted to improve branded communication.
  • The role improvision plays in accessing the subconscious mind.
  • How to write copy that is customer-centric.
  • This workshop brings in learning from breathwork, mindfulness and emotional intelligence, along with the science behind emotional triggers and human biases that impact our everyday decision making.


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