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Why your brand SHOULD be made of multiple personalities

Why your brand SHOULD be made of multiple personalities

A World First and a New Paradigm in Branding - How brands are Differentiating through Multiple Archetypal Personalities.

We want to introduce to you a world first. Something we believe, will turn traditional brand thinking on its head.

We want to share how corporate organisations, particularly those with multiple stakeholders and multiple propositions, can express their brand not just through a single personality but through multiple personalities at the same time.

We want to share with you not just ‘why’ this is important in creating true differentiation and a more authentic brand, but ‘how’ you can manage multiple personalities within an organisation and ‘what’ strategic opportunities open up for defining and differentiating a brand.

We believe this model and approach not only represents a new paradigm in branding, but a coming of age; transforming a field of marketing that many senior marketers have felt was too fluffy or vague to present with confidence at board level.

Defining your brand’s personality as a set of values, tone of voice or behaviours defines a market position, be that one of: Youthful, Thoughtful, Athletic, or Elegant. But when a brand is defined not just as a set of values but as an archetypal personality, it takes on a greater presence. It helps you find the right story for your brand. It all comes down to psychology and how, through time, stories and movies have reinforced stereotypes – from the hero, to the lover.

Through our research, looking at the designs, tone of voice and messages of organisations, not just from a single campaign but multiple interactions, that they were, intentionally or not, adopting multiple archetypal personalities through their communication. Our research also brought to life how a brand’s point of difference was derived from a combination of these archetypal personalities and not a single personality. That brands, in order to communicate complex and sometimes varied messages, were not communicating through a single note, but multiple notes that together create unique brand chords. And it was these different chords that ultimately define a brand's uniqueness in the market.

In summary:

•           Brands are actually expressing themselves through multiple personalities

•           The need to differentiate is driving a new paradigm in branding.

•           The 'single personality' paradigm was never truly believed at Board level.

•           Brands are more relevant and authentic through multiple personalities.

•           You can model, measure and manage multiple personalities internally.

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