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“Next generation” eye diagnostic and measurement technology

Strategic Challenge:

Create a brand that truly felt innovative, when many others claimed the same.

Creative Challenge:

Create an iconic consumer brand that was also credible within the trade and science community.



What emotions and personality did we want to create for the brand?

This project was all about launching an exciting, eye-opening, innovative product with an iconic brand identity. One that bridged the gap between consumers and business.

To make it credible to both audiences, we choose not to follow the traditional science brand archetypes of the 'Scientist' or Magician' but a mixture of the 'Creative Entrepreneur' and 'Healer' brand personalities.

In our brand model RADNB, both the 'Entrepreneur' as a subset of the 'Creative' archetype, and the 'Healer' as a subset of the 'Caregiver' archetype sit next to each other. This created the oppportunity to stretch away from pure technology and occupy a more caring space. As both the 'Creative' and Caregiver' are driven by the needs associated with contribution. This gave the products and brand the underlying sense of a product being focused on the customer not the technology. 

The project scope initially covered the brand strategy and identity for the portfolio of products (covering power mapping lensmeters and lens surface inspection tools and binocular autorefractors range). However the strength of the brand was so powerful that it soon migrated to become the brand for the parent company itself.

One of the great strengths of the brand was the two oo's in the brand name and their association with glasses. Owning the two OO's was a key strategic decision, not only to make the brand immediately recognisable but allowing the brand to own the sector.

The rebrand deliverables included a range of core elements and guidelines around the new identities. It also included design influence over the product itself, exhibition, user interfaces, website, offices, literature and marketing material.  

Branding the product gave it a personality and stronger brand identity
Marketing material and employee engagement

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