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Noah Media Group

A brand refresh for an independent filmmaker.

Strategic Challenge:

To create a brand and identity that was a mark of independence.

Creative Challenge:

To keep it simple, to let the power of their work come through as powerfully as their own statement.

What emotions and personality did we want to convey?

This brand wanted to stand for something - independence (ORIGINALITY, AUTHENTICITY & INNOVATION). To stand up for the independent artists and filmmakers they represented. To reflect their independence, to build a narrative that cut through to reveal the true story.

To achieve this we used the personality of the 'Warrior' as our point of reference around which we added multiple layers to build a brand around a strong mark.

The 'Warrior' is a sub-set of the 'Hero' archetype. It sits next to and is close to both the 'Rebel' and 'Creative' brand archetypes. This is a powerfully independent combination that allows them to talk about their creativity and the artists they represent. This fits beautifully with those they make documentaries about - especially in the sporting world.



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