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Kingston University London

Refreshing a top 40 UK university brand

Strategic Challenge:

Create a brand that empowered everyone.

Creative Challenge:

Create a feeling of opportunity.

What emotions and personality did we want to create for the brand? 

Kingston believed that the world you were born in didn't have to be the world you lived in. Because of that, Kingston was a place of opportunity for all.

It was a place to share stories of achievements against the odds. This was a place full of inspiring people, so we wanted to create a brand that framed those stories. It was also a place that had strong connections with the hospital, so we used the 'Scientist' and 'Angel' archetypes to give it a feeling of purity.

Kingston believed that anyone can achieve success regardless of their background. It was this purity of intention that caught our eye. A feeling of opportunity, like a fresh spring coming forth from the ground - giving life to those around.

There is something very pure about the 'Scientist' brand when it's combined with the 'Angel' archetype. It overrides the introvert aspect of the 'Scientist' giving it a more compassionate feel. 

We wanted to create a brand that can talk about pure research as easily as a pure intention. 


Brand Guidelines and Visual Language

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