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Creating the chemistry for growth and a new name and brand in Africa

Strategic Challenge:

To come up with a new name that was global but with its roots in Africa.

Creative Challenge:

To give a commodities company a sense of authentic purpose.

What emotions and personality did we want for the brand?

This project was all about finding a name and identity that gave a sense of purpose and heritage to a new brand in Africa.

Finding names isn't easy at the best of times, finding a global name with a short .com url was almost impossible.

The brand was all about "Creating the chemistry for growth", so it needed a combination of two archtypes - the 'Provider' and the 'Scientist'

The name was choosen to reflect the growth and evolution of a nation and its people.

The word 'Sol' represents the suns warmth and ability to help things grow. 'Evo' was used to create a feeling of positive direction and hope. Both aspects were also reflected within the strong identity with its use of an arrow. The dots reperesent the science, the raw elements and how they come together to create change and provide people with a greater sense of purpose.

The deliverables were a set of guidelines for the name and identity, a brand narrative that was used within a group video and booklet.

In developing the brand visual language (its look and feel), we used a combination of archetypes. The first were those associated with growth, community and positive change: the 'Provider', Citizen', and 'Advocate'. To add an aspect of the science (20%), we used the 'Scientist' and 'Engineer' to capture the final qualities to bring this brand to life. 


The 'Provider' and 'Scientist' archetypes were used to bring this brand to life
Creating the chemistry for growth

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