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Wageningen University

Developing the theme for their Strategic Plan & 100th Anniversary

Strategic Challenge: To get external stakeholders and the media onboard

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) wanted to ensure external stakeholders felt engaged.

Creative Challenge: Find a theme for their Strategic Plan

We ran a workshop one evening with the senior team and from this a theme and narrative emerged - they couldn't find the answers to the world's problems alone... They needed to find the answers together.




Let's find the answers together

We cannot do this alone. We need partners - both our current and new ones, both national and international ones."

100th Anniversary theme
Wisdom & Wonder

What emotions and personality did we want to convey?

We wanted to reveal an essence, an underlying feeling as to what motivated this University. The idea of Wisdom and Wonder came out of several workshops. 

Wisdom - represented a deeper knowing

Wonder - represented the imagination to solve the world's problems

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