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Millar Cameron

A new player in the recruitment market

Strategic Challenge: Finding a point of difference in a 'messy' market

The recruitment market is full of big and small players who look and feel similar. This makes it hard for customers to navigate and therefore they often stick with the big players.   

Creative Challenge: Standing out while fitting in

For a small business like Millar Cameron, pushing into the top tier required a visual language that had both authority and distinction.

What emotions and personality did we want to create for the brand?

This was a project about helping a brand stand out while fitting in with the bigger 'top tier' businesses. This became a theme that defined the brand's proposition - FINDING THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

To create this balance we used the 'Ruler' archetype to give the brand its authority and the 'Creative' to add a sense of distinct style.

A combination of the 'Ruler' and 'Creative' creates a stylish personality that walks confidently amongst its piers. This is how we wanted the brand to feel. Creatively this is a fine balanace as the 'Ruler' archetype often uses very traditional elements within it's look and feel. So we identified some classic elements and then gave them a twist.

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