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Helping leaders build more purposeful brands

Building brands that people trust, that are more than a logo. Brands built from the inside out.

Why do we trust one brand over another? It’s because we feel they’re authentic. That what they say they do. Customers, shareholders and employees look for the “real deal”. The genuine, not hype, substance not simply reflecting customer wants.

“The authentic self is the soul made visible”

Sarah Ban Breathnach

Whilst the process is different for each brand, consider these 3 simple steps to building your authentic brand:

Step 1: 

As William Shakespeare said, “Know thyself and to thine self be true”.

It’s important to spend time truly knowing your brand inside out. Think of the brand as if it were human and whether behaviours would change in different circumstances. Avoid the superficial approach of a logo, a few colours and a font. Find a greater depth to your brand and customers will build a deeper relationship with it.

Step 2: 

Define your story around a big idea – the value you add and your purpose for being.

Stories can be powerful in many ways, but what makes them even more powerful in branding, is that they make what you’re trying to say and communicate more believable.

If you capture who you are within a narrative, you’re able to communicate your brand far more effectively.

Step 3: 

Like the clothes you wear, a brand’s visual language; tone of voice, words, imagery, and colours all say something about the person wearing them. Consistency is key here.  As in the human world, our minds are finely tuned to pick up inconsistencies often at a subconscious level. We sense inconsistency between the words, the tone, the pictures and the behaviours. People then don’t feel they know you and consequently you loose your authenticity.

Authenticity makes what you say believable.

It helps to communicate yourself as the “real you”, your true version. If this authenticity underpins your story, it will build customer confidence and ensure a positive emotional engagement across every touchpoint.

It’s not what you say, but how you say something that gives you authenticity. We’re experts at helping organisations discover their underlying feeling and communicating that feeling effectively.

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