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Cambridge University Press

Capturing and articulating what the Press stands for through a brand narrative.

Strategic Challenge:

See beyond the tradition and heritage, to capture a more emotional narrative

Creative Challenge: 

Engage top 100 senior leaders within the business around what the narrative meant to them

What emotions and personality did we want to convey?

Critical to any narrative is finding the right tone of voice, and this comes from defining the right personality.

Cambridge University Press is one of the oldest publishers in the world and with this comes lots of tradition. The challenge was to see beyond this tradition and find a more emotive narrative.

After interviewing senior leaders, we developed a narrative by first defining the core elements around what the business stands for.

Three pillars were defined and from this the narrative grew. But this narrative didn't come from the head, it came from the heart. We needed to feel something and, through a process known as 'improvisation', words and ideas came.

Once the narrative was formed, a workshop was held with the top 100 senior leaders to really understand and work out what this meant to their part of the business.

Proud to be part of ...

The big idea within the narrative was 'Proud to be part of...'. This reflected an organisation that didn't see itself as separate from its many stakeholders but part of the wider University, part of the community it served. An organisation that didn't see itself as elite and having all the answers but wanting to work with its communities to find answers. 

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