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Make mine a double


Creating a brand to match the name.

Strategic Challenge:

Branding a new entrant into the highly competitive fibre network marketplace.

Creative Challenge:

Finding the line between having a joke and being a joke - the brand's positioning was one of the 'Jester' which is strategically different to that of the archetypal brand personality the 'Fool'. As people laugh at a 'Fool', but laugh along with a 'Jester'.


What emotions and personality did we want to create for the brand?

This project was all about fun, energy and big personality. A full on 'make mine a double' type of personality - one that loved life and wanted to live life to the full.

To define this personality we worked closely with the Founder, using improvisation techniques to create a bigger than life character for the brand.

Improvisation is a great role play technique, one we use to get into character and develope a brand's personality. We naturally do this on any project, but on this project the client joined in which really helped bring their brand to life. 

Through the improv sessions, the line "make mine a double" became a catch phrase that brought this character to life. One we would continually use to get into character whenever we wanted to write copy or develop creative ideas.

Whilst this was about having fun, the new brand personality really supported the business strategy - a proposition around providing double the speed and double the connections for customers.

As this personality reflected the target persona, we doubly needed to make sure it didn't cross the line between a 'Joker' and a 'Fool'. To do that, we introduced aspects of the 'Liberator' into the design, a sub-set of archetypal 'Hero' personality and one that had a lot of positive energy to make things happen. 


In addition to creating the logo, the big idea, the brand personality and key messages, we developed a simple set of brand guidelines to cover everything from business cards to uniforms.

WOW, what a fun project to get our teeth into. If you want to give your brand double the power, let's get into character and see what comes alive

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