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Which brand has the highest percentage of customers feeling emotionally connected to their purchases – Apple or Cisco?

The answer may surprise you

“On average, B2B customers are significantly more emotionally connected to their vendors and service providers than consumers.”

Google and CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council worked with marketing research firm Motista to survey 3,000 purchasers of 36 B2B brands across multiple industries.

“B2B marketers should not forget the emotion is the most powerful driver of purchases”

Cisco’s Senior VP of Marketing Karen Walker


Typically, B2C purchases are assumed to be more emotional than B2B purchases. Research, by directly comparing the emotional connections between customers of B2B and B2C brands, are quite clear and initially surprising: a greater proportion of B2B customers are emotionally attached to the brand they purchased than B2C consumers are.

“We like to think of organizations as rational and logical. The truth is, there are people within them, and those people are just as, if not more, influenced by emotion than everyday consumers.”

CEB from Promotion to Emotion


Digging deeper, the high level of emotionality in B2B is not so surprising. B2B purchases entail personal risks — far more than most B2C purchases. B2B purchase stakeholders fear:

  • Losing time and effort if a purchase decision goes poorly,
  • Losing credibility if they make a recommendation for an unsuccessful purchase, and
  • Losing their job if they are responsible for a failed purchase.

Moreover, the more personal risks a purchase entails, the more emotional buyers feel—and the more they attach to brands that can.

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