richard Gillingwater emotional brandingOur emotions drive our behaviour, despite our best attempts at rationalising and explaining things ‘logically’. Emotional Branding is about capturing these emotional triggers to drive short term results whilst building long term brand value. This means your campaigns can be more effective and your brands feel more authentic.

Hi, I’m Richard Gillingwater MD of Emotional Branding. We’re an Oxfordshire based creative and strategic led brand agency who specialise in helping educational institutions and corporate organisations communicate at a deeper level with people through the science of emotions.

The science proves the greater the level of emotions in your brand and communications, the greater the levels of purchase, engagement, loyalty and support. This is achieved through the activation of specific ‘high-impact’ motivators in your brand, marketing, employee engagement and fundraising strategies and campaigns.

An invitation to connect at a deeper level with customers, employees, students and alumni.

We all inherently know that brands that evoke emotions as well as reason don’t just feel better, they perform better. Brands like John Lewis or Guinness, where research from organisations like the IPA (the world’s most respected body in advertising and marketing) show emotional campaigns outperform purely rational ones by 11x.

Yet many organisations, charities and companies, without the big advertising budgets fail to realise that they too can communicate emotionally. Helping make their marketing and engagement budgets more effective and therefore achieving a higher return on investment.

The challenge for many organisations is they don’t know how to communicate emotionally and functionally at the same time. They don’t know which emotions to evoke to achieve the greatest response, or how to do this creatively and consistently through everyday communication.

We’ve helped organisations like Oxford University Press, Friends Provident, Cadburys, NFU Mutual, Experian, Oxford Brookes University and many more generate greater awareness, loyalty, response and support by tapping into the emotive-drivers within their market. We coach teams internally, we work with leaders to share understanding and we help to creatively bring powerful ideas to life.

Emotional Branding – the science of engagement

“I’m convinced that it is feelings – and feelings alone – that account for the success of the Virgin Brand”

Richard Branson

People forget what you said, people forget what you did, but people never forget how you made them feel”

Maya Angelou, American author, poet and civil rights activist
Why so much emphasis on emotions?

We don’t ignore the functional, the obvious, the key benefits – the ‘hard stuff’. It’s just that the ‘fluffy stuff’ is actually what makes people do stuff. Like it or not, emotions make people buy more, give more, be more loyal and support you more.  We just make sure that the rational messages also contain a strong emotional component.  It is our feelings, not our thoughts that drive our actions.

If you want a greater return on your investment in communicating with your different stakeholders, then you have to connect emotionally.