Mark Birch

mark birch

Having been in the employee engagement space for 20 years, there’s one thing I’m certain of, if the ‘people’ side of business transformation is not skilfully handled, your projects will fail.

I've worked with BP, Anglo American, Specsavers, Virgin Care, Rolls-Royce, Deloitte and British Gas – all recognise the importance of changing process and technology but, more importantly, they know that if their people are not engaged in why it’s happening, what’s going on and how they can be a part of it, then nothing is going to change. After all, it’s people – not processes – that drive business.

There is a widespread belief that people don’t like change. In truth, people don’t mind change if they are involved in the process. The key is to share not only WHAT the proposed change is, but WHY it is happening and what it will look like when it is successfully implemented. This then enables people to work out HOW they can make it happen in their own working environment. In other words, treat them like adults, help them build a vested interest in the outcome and they will deliver it for you.

With this in mind, we create tools which help line management to facilitate team sessions where the majority of the talking and thinking is done by employees about the issues that are important to them and the business.

Working together with our clients in this way, we’ve collectively helped to reshape corporate cultures, redefine customer service, launch brands and implement standards – making their businesses better places to work and ultimately more profitable too.