Geoff Wade

geoff wade

Geoff specialises in helping companies (from board members through to business unit leaders and marketing personnel) to develop comprehensive marketing strategies and actionable marketing plans.  He believes the best marketing strategies are based upon a solid business strategy - he can also help with that if required - and are always based on deep customer understanding.

"Just as business strategy provides the foundations for marketing strategy, it follows that a customer-centric marketing strategy lights the way for all subsequent marketing activities: brand positioning, a series of emotionally-connected communications, co-creation activities such as NPD (New Product Development), social media and other digital interaction programmes, as well as the traditional “4Ps” of marketing (product, place, price & promotion)."

Geoff has over 25 years’ experience in business and marketing.  His career began as classically trained FMCG marketer at Procter & Gamble, starting in the Corporate Marketing department working on the Pampers Phases programme and ending up, eleven years later, as European Marketing Director for Global New Ventures (P&G’s innovation and interactive marketing division).  Geoff then co-founded a Marketing Insight consultancy company before returning to a senior commercial role in an FTSE250 IT company.  That role quickly led him back into marketing as he was asked to lead a two-year programme to completely reposition and rebrand the company (and its nine subsidiaries) which was delivered with the help of Richard Gillingwater (link to you) and they’ve been working together since.

Perhaps above all else, Geoff believes in everyone pulling in the same direction, especially when change is required.  “Although it’s never been in my job title, a common thread throughout my career has been managing change and innovation.  In particular, the need to bring (envision, educate and enthuse) board members, subsidiaries, departments and staff along the challenging journey from mediocre to best-in-class marketing.  It sounds easy when you say it quickly – we can help you put it into practice.”

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