Vlerick Business School – building a more emotive case for support

Creating a big vision and a powerful narrative

Vlerick Business School in Brussels had already completed a strategic fundraising review and had developed their case for support. However research had shown that the current case for support lacked a big vision and inspirational narrative.

There were many challenges in finding a more powerful narrative for Vlerick Business School, but having a bold vision wasn’t one of them. All we had to do was ask the right questions of the senior people and then bring their vision to life, articulating it in a more engaging and powerful way.

In 5 years, we envision Vlerick Business School as the epicentre of a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the heart of Europe, our voice and impact reverberating across the world through our students, alumni, faculty and partners.

The issue before was there was no big idea, no emotional narrative only a set of key functional points wrapped with a few images in a presentation.

We explored many different ways to capture people’s imagination around their vision. Finally settled on the following three elements:

  1. Clarify their vision – to be the epicentre of a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in the heart of Europe
  2. Creative concept – ‘Vlerick Voices’ – the voice of the entrepreneurial spirit.
  3. Tone of voice – Impact – an ‘epicentre’ within Europe.
  4. Supporting narrative

These few elements then pulled together all the relevant functional aspects (current and past students, the strategic objectives, commercial goals) into a powerful case for support. A narrative that still had their students and their voices at its heart.


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